There are so many choices when picking out an engagement ring for your significant other. But before you decide on the shape, color, size, setting, and so on, you must first decide between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond.

Whoa. Wait. What is a lab-grown diamond? Is it a fake diamond?

No. On the contrary, a diamond grown in a lab is just as “real” as a diamond that is created in the earth. It possesses all the same qualities and properties as a naturally grown diamond. A diamond grown in a lab is also referred to as a synthetic or man-made diamond.

How is a synthetic diamond made?

There are two ways that a diamond can be created in a lab. The first is called the high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) process. Diamonds are formed by placing carbon under high-heat and high-pressure. The second process is called chemical vapor deposition (CVD). CVD starts by placing small diamond crystal seeds into a chamber that grows the diamond layer by layer.

Why would I want to buy a lab diamond?

There are many benefits to buying a man-made diamond. The top two reasons to buy a lab diamond are that they are considered to be more ethical and they can be more cost-efficient. A synthetic diamond can cost approximately 30% less than a mined diamond of similar size and quality.

Can you tell a difference between a mined diamond and a man-made diamond?

It is extremely difficult to distinguish between a mined diamond and a diamond made in a lab. Remember, lab diamonds are real diamonds. Synthetic diamonds do tend to be clearer since they are created in a controlled environment of a lab. The best way to determine whether a diamond is natural or synthetic is by the certificate that accompanies it. Gemological Institute of America issues certificates to all diamonds. You should never buy a diamond without documentation.

Where can I find a lab diamond?

Lab diamonds are becoming more popular. As more people become educated about this new way of growing diamonds, a synthetic diamond is considered an ethical and less expensive option. Any reputable jewelry store should be able to acquire diamonds grown in a lab.

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