How to Choose Wedding Rings

In last month’s blog, Getting Engaged 101: How to Choose An Engagement Ring, we discussed what factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring. This month, we will evaluate what to consider when picking out a wedding band for yourself and your partner.

Some engagement rings come in a wedding set, the wedding band already paired with the engagement ring; however, some engagement rings are sold individually or are custom made. Perhaps your engagement ring has a pre-made, matching wedding band, but you would prefer something else. Whatever the case, here are some elements to factor in when choosing a wedding ring.


Just as with an engagement ring, the first thing you will want to consider is your budget. Sit down with your new fiancé(e) and discuss how much you would like to spend on each ring. Will one ring have a higher budget?


As far as a style goes, pick a wedding band that will compliment your engagement ring. This can include the type of metal, the band design, and the stones used.

Your wedding ring should be made from the same metal as your engagement ring. You wouldn’t pair a rose gold engagement ring with a yellow gold wedding band. If you are choosing rose gold, which is a popular choice at the moment, be sure to pay close attention to the coloring. Depending on the way the gold was mixed, the shade of “rose” can be different. It is best to get the wedding band made by the same jeweler as the engagement ring it will be paired with.

Band Design
Your wedding band is going to sit right next your engagement ring. Don’t let a wider wedding band overpower a more delicate looking engagement ring. If your engagement ring has a pavé or channel setting, choose a wedding ring that has the same feature.

If you decide to use stones in your wedding band, they should be the same shape and color as the stones in your ring. Even “clear” diamonds can vary in color. (Remember the 4 Cs from last month’s blog?)

Matching with Your Partner

When picking out wedding rings as a couple, remember that your partner’s wedding ring does not have to match yours. Let them pick out their own style; they are the one who has to wear the ring. If you and your partner like the idea of matching rings, but you don’t want the same type of metal, you can opt to incorporate another element of your ring into your partner’s ring. If your ring has a twist or engraving, the same design element could be placed in your partner’s ring without the rings having to look like a matching set.

To Solder or Not to Solder?

When wearing both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, you can choose to solder them together. Soldering is a process that binds the metal bands of the two separate rings together so that they are, essentially, one ring. There are pros and cons to this process. The choice is left up to the individual’s preference.

Pros of Soldering
Some jewelers advise soldering two rings together to minimize wear and tear on the rings as they rub together. Another reason would be to keep the rings in place. You would not have to worry about your rings turning, especially if your engagement and wedding rings both have a pavé or channel that goes halfway down the ring and are meant to “match up.”

Cons of Soldering
There are certain situations when you may only want to wear your wedding band, such as when traveling, doing yard work, etc. If there are times when you will want to only wear one ring, soldering would make it impossible. Most often, people who receive an inherited ring do not wish to solder, so that the ring can maintain its heritage, or so that the ring can be passed on in the future.

What happens next?

Get It Insured
Just as with the engagement ring, the first thing you should do after your purchase is get the rings insured. This protects your investment.

Congratulations, you just got married! We wish many years of happiness for you and you partner.

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