Whether you already have an idea, or just want a piece that’s truly personal, we help you create something unique.

Why Custom?

Because it means more when it is made just for you

It’s Personal

Some of life’s celebrations call for the special uniqueness that only custom jewelry can provide.

You just can’t find it anywhere else

The style, quality and value you deserve are not always in a showcase.

You found something almost perfect

I like everything about this ring but….
Let us help eliminate the but and make it perfect, just for you.

And beyond that, because we control every aspect of the design, we can make any style fit into any budget. We can even use your existing diamonds and gemstones to update the styling and give your old pieces new life. And because we are so confident about our designs, our quality, and our ability to exceed your expectations, our service is free, with no obligation.

It starts with your idea

Tell us your what you’re looking for – whether it’s an exact design or just a few elements that are important to you. Our in-store artist and design team will collaborate to provide the very best options, giving advice along the way.

Your design comes to life

We will work with your ideas and ours to create drawings and computer renderings, so you can visualize your design.

The Reality

We utilize top quality manufacturing skills and techniques to provide the beautiful jewelry you’ve dreamed of.