6 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2017

Fall is right around the corner. Here are 6 popular fall jewelry trends to help you stay fashionable this season.

Stackable Jewelry.

Mix and match jewelry is very popular right now. Most often we are seeing stackable rings, or bangle bracelets. Women are wearing band type rings that can be stacked 3-4-5 wide and thin bangle bracelets that can be worn the same way.

stackablering stackablering stackablering

Geometric Shapes.

Simple shapes have been making big statements. Geometric shapes, especially triangles, are being featured on necklaces, rings, and earrings. Designers have been molding thin metal into perfectly shaped designs.

geometricearrings geometricnecklace geometricring

Yellow Gold.

Yellow gold is making a come back. Yellow gold was a classic metal, but its popularity died down around the late ‘90s. Now it’s back and experts predict that it is here to stay.

yellowgoldring Yellow Gold Necklace Yellow Gold Earrings


Morganite is a very trendy gemstone. This light pink stone is a favorite choice amongst younger women. It is being used more and more often in class rings.

morganiteearrings morganitering morganitering


One of the most popular trends in engagement rings this year is an oval shaped center stone. This elegant shape elongates the fingers. An oval stone can be set beautifully as a solitaire or encircled by a halo.

ovalring ovalring ovalring


Requests for diamond solitaire engagement rings are also on the rise. A larger, round stone set on a metal band without decoration. This “new” trend is classic and traditional.

solitairering solitairering solitairering

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